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The executive programs are designed for executives, managers and leaders to speed along with latest business ideas, practical experiences of today’s best practices, innovative and creative knowledge. Our consultant and trainer team members have minimum 15 years of international experiences working in different countries in Asia, Europe and the US, bringing into these training programs their expertise and experiences to coach and challenge students with different perspectives.

“Successful people never never stop learning!”

Our executive trainers are senior consultants and coaches from different industries with strong record of practical experiences of managing and leading businesses to help executive program participants gain their competitive edge to stay on top of business games. The programs are open-enrollment courses covering a wide range of subjects that are multi-optional for the executives to learn their interested courses. We focus on the following programs:

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Training and Coaching Skill for Managers



All managers, supervisors and anyone with responsibility for training and coaching within companies or organizations need to know how to train and coach their employees because it will support them in developing and implementing successful training and development policies and procedure which are aligned with the Business Strategy and Objectives.
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Human Resource Management



Human Resource Management will not work well if without involvement from line managers and supervisors. It is greatly important for the whole the success of your company or organization.
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Cambodian Taxation and Compliance



Any business operates in Cambodia should comply with Cambodia tax law. Thus, they should be well aware of how taxes are applied to their operations.
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Selling Skill and Key Account Management



Today’s marketplace is highly competitive and every organization looks for a larger share of their market. Find and keep those potential customers who contribute most to your business.
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High Impact Middle Management Skills



Building effective managerial and leadership skills is critical to help you and your organization succeed. This course is designed to help both new and experienced managers develop advanced skills necessary to add immediate value to their staff and organization.
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Cambodian Legal Aspects for Business



There are a lot of regulations that impact business operations in Cambodia and so by understanding and getting aware of the Cambodian law system and regulations will prevent us from legal risks, penalty and other losses.
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